mardi 25 août 2015

Clash of Clans Save your Game Progress

Since 2012 «Clash of clan» Smartphone gamers can download for free. Aim of the game: own village build, populate with Mages, barbarians, Valkyrie and pull into battle against others.
«Business Insider» now explains how the Finnish game developer supercell has managed to take daily 1.4 million Swiss francs in the Smartphone game - even though it is available free of charge. It is thus the highest turnover
The term includes free (free) and premium. The game is available free of charge and playable.
Within the game, additional tools to do this can be purchased but to increase success.
At some point a certain level, player however must have reached their opponents continue to hold its own against.

The game developers take advantage of the impatience of the player. Because they can accelerate, for example, the construction of a building or purchasing a gun with money. Who wants to keep up, inevitably must engage in the bag.
2. gaming experience

The game is attractive. It just looks to play out, the operation is simple.
At the same time players can apply very complex strategies on a higher level, to get further. This goes so far that all gaming clubs were founded. Thus, the game attracts a wide range of players.
3. recognizable figures
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The developers have a clever marketing strategy. Characters with high recognition value were a cult. Thanks to online commercials, everyone knows the figures.
The game is also in the television. Actor Liam Neeson plays a spot during the big Super Bowl final clash of clan. The spot in which about 50 million clicks generated on YouTube.
The figures are even public transport.

Several million players to build a great community. You can join clans, to wage war with the partners against other clans. Who himself once gave the game, must repeatedly go along for the sake of his clan and continue to invest. (ogo)

In addition to the normal barracks there in clash of clans, the strategy game app with addiction potential, even the dark barracks. There can be trained using a dark Elixir, troops from witches, golems, hog riders and other shady characters.

Clash of clan dark barracks: the units of the dark forces
All what you need to send the dark units for you in the field is a town hall at level 7 or 8, the building itself - the dark barracks - and the elixir for the training of troops; With a town hall level 7 you can build the container to store the magical substance and with a town hall level 8, you'll get the drill which allows you the own production of the precious liquid.

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The further expansion of the building unlocks more and more creatures, who are willing to go to extremes in combat relentlessly for you. Of course each has the operational nature its individual strengths, weaknesses and Elixir - consumption habits.

A fiery heavyweight, which although requires a lot of space, but not nervous. He is not necessarily cheap and can wreak havoc on air defense objects, but even his death is a perfect attack: the lava dog disintegrates into many small puppies that raided the village of the enemy with more marked for destruction, itself but not great resistance characterized by.
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Incredibly cute, blue and nimble the lackey can both attacking targets on the ground and in the air. The flying creature is safe from guns and mine launchers, tolerates but also not many attacks. On the other hand you have to spend all too much in his use of the dark Elixir.