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Prim Dolls n Critters

Hazel and Sage Primitive Bear
HAZEL SOLD...Hazel & Sage Primitive Bears are ready for adoption...Both have movable arms and legs and measure close to 17 inches tall...Hazel has a shabby chic neck tie and a beautiful prim hang tag...Sage adorns a grungy muslin neck tie with the words "OLD BEAR" stamped onto it with an old rusty key (to Hazel's heart) and rusty pin...Both have been grunged up with my cinnamon mixture so they smell yummy! Adoption fee $35 ea or $60 as a couple♥
Baby Liberty Bear
Baby Liberty...This is baby Liberty Bear and he is ready for July 4th!! This little guy sure is proud to be an American♥ He stands 12 inches tall with movable arms and legs. Around his neck he wears a red white and blue grungy tie with a rusty pin...He also adorns an Uncle Sam grungy hang tag...Adoption fee $25 shipped...*Each baby Liberty Bear will come with a grungy American flag!*
 Daffodil Bunny 
This is Daffodil Baby Bunny...She is so precious and came to the critter orphanage with LOTS of love to share♥ 12 inches tall with movable arms & legs...Choose from 2 styles of prim tags (Willow Tree or A Wonderful Friend) Adoption fee $25 shipped♥ *Each Bunny will come with one of my grungy Sweet Annie carrots!*
Baby Pansy Bear 
Prim Baby bear Pansy...This is the long hair coco color fur..She might be a little fuzzier than the others but she sure is adorable! 12 inches tall with movable arms & legs...You get to choose from 3 styles of tags (Willow Tree, A Wonderful Friend or Teddy Bear Collector...This precious Teddy needs a good home...Adoption fee $25 shipped♥
Baby Bear Marigold  
This is Marigold, Coco's baby sister...She has honey color fur...12 inches tall with movable arms & legs...You get to pick from 3 styles of tags (Willow Tree, A Wonderful Friend or Teddy Bear Collector) This little precious girl needs a good home Adoption fee $25 shipped♥
Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart doll...approx 12 inches tall all hand sewn by me...with raw wool hair, red ticking skirt and a 1800s rusty key. Shes all prim'd up for Valentines Day!! $25 shipped<3

This is Molly...Just finished her up today! She measures approx. 19 inches tall. This gal turned out very prim! She is a different twist of what I usually create but I LOVE her. She has been hand stitched, hand sewn, stained and stuff by me. Her brows, nose and mouth are all pinch stitched and her eyes are stitched as well. She has sewn on raw wool hair. Her Dress is a very old country scene red pattern that has been grunged up! She holds a grapevine swag with 4 tags that reads "LOVE". This gal is definitely for the prim lover! $32 shipped<3
Mammy Millie
Mammy Millie is so prim! Mammie is made of muslin and has been hand sewn, painted, and sanded all by me for an aged look. Her lips, nose and eyebrows are all pinched and stitched and her eyes have been painted on. Mammie's hair is black raw wool that has been sewn on. Her dress is oh so prim with cats and willow trees. To top her off Mammie adorns a grungy hang tag with a tiny star in the corner. $28 shipped


All of the following creations have been sold or gifted to family & friends...Some can be recreated others can't due to lack of fabric. I can try my best to make any of the following but remember all of my creations are OOAK (one
of a kind) And is 100% handmade with good ole needle and thread. Please email me with any questions<3 

 Mrs Willow & Jack the Cat
Mrs Willow and Jack the Cat...I made this gal 5 years ago! Its nice to know I've still got the same taste in prims after that long ago! Mrs Willow is a big gal measuring around 20 inches tall. Shes very grungy and prim. She has big black button eyes and pinch stitched nose and mouth. Her apron has a detailed hand stitched willow tree on it. Her big grungy hang tag reads Mrs Willow and Jack the Cat.

Faith Prim
Faith Prim is currently residing in Oklahoma!! This little gal turned out adorable! She is completely hand stitched and painted by me. She has a stitched nose, mouth and painted eyes. Her hair is really soft raw wool. Faith's dress has been grunged up in my special stain mixture. She wears muslin looms that have also been grunged up! She is complete with her round hang tag that reads her name Faith. She measures approx. 16inches.

Harold and Harriet Prim
Harold and Harriet Prim are both made of muslin and have been hand sewn, stuffed and aged by me. They have fluffy creme wool hair, painted eyes, and pinched nose and eyebrows.
Faith the Primitive Angel
This Prim Angel is so precious! She has been hand sewn and aged by me. Her face is all hand stitched, her wings have been hand quilted, and her dress has been aged also for an antique prim look. She comes complete with a grungy hang tag that reads primitives.
Extreme Prim Lucy 
Lucy is very extreme prim and I think she is a hoot! Lucy has been aged a lot for an even more primitive look. She has a pinched nose, eyebrows and her eyes are painted on. Lucy's hair is coffee raw wool. I just love her country time dress and jute belt. She comes complete with a prim tag that reads primitive blessing 1802 with a star.
Ballerina Annie

This is Ballerina Annie she currently resides in Procterville, OH. She has on her pink ballet slippers and is ready for her Ballet class! Ballerina Annie is made of muslin and has been aged to look worn. Her hair is made of yarn and is tied up in 2 pink bows. She has black button eyes, stitched mouth, nose, eye brows and eye lashes. Her dress is pale pink and has been aged also. She couldn't be a ballerina without her shimmery tulle tutu! Her legs are painted along with her cute pink ballet slippers. Her gungy hang tag reads "Ballerina Annie". 
Colonial Annie

Colonial Annie is made of muslin and has been hand stitched, stuffed, aged and painted all by hand. She has 2 big black button eyes, hand stitched nose and mouth. Her hair is red raw wool. Colonial Annie's dress has the most adorable pattern with little colonial houses, American flags and little willow trees with a silk powder blue trim. She also wears a prim hang tag with an antique key attached. Her legs have been painted and aged.
Old Crow Erma
This little gal is so extreme prim! Old Crow Erma has been painted a senna brown color, aged with my cinnamon coffee mixture and sanded all by hand. She has 2 big black button eyes and a hand sculpted nose and mouth. Her dress is a peach floral print adorned with an antique white button. Her apron is muslin with Old Crow hand stitched on it. She has aged muslin bloomers under her cute prim dress. Shes accompanied by her big black crow! 

Henry Olde Heirloom Bear (large)
So this is Henry Olde Bear...He currently resides at my best friends home here in Huntington, WV as he was a Christmas gift to her...He is the large bear approx. 19 inches tall! Henry has been completely hand sewn by me! He is so soft and smells so yummy and sweet! He has 2 big black button eyes, stitched nose and brows. His arms and legs are hinged with 2 black buttons on each leg. His red wool heart has been hand stitched on with black floss. sweet meadows farm pattern.

Olde Heirloom Bear (medium)
This Olde bear currently resides in Charleston, WV!  He measures approx 15 inches and has been completely hand sewn by me! Olde bear has 2 big black button eyes, stitched brows and nose. His arms and legs are hinged so he can also stand if you prefer. He wears a tattered plaid scarf to help keep warm since hes not hibernating!!  Attached by a rusty pin he wears a prim hang tag that reads Olde Bear. When you give Olde bear all those warm hugs you can smell his yummy cinnamon sugar scented fur! sweet meadows farm pattern